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RD-191 engines for first stage of Angara launch-vehicle family


               The development of RD-191 engine was begun at the end of 1998. This engine with afterburning of oxidizer-rich gas is intended for the family of the domestic Angara and Baikal launch-vehicles. The design of this engine also is based on a design of RD-170/171 engines. The RD-191 engine represents single chamber LPRE with vertically located TPU. Within 1999 the design documentation was issued, in 2000 the autonomous development of RD-191 engine units was started, the preparation of production is completed. In May 2001 the first development engine RD-191 was assembled. The first fire test of RD-191 engine was conducted

Main parameters of RD-191 engine


Liquid propellant rocket engine with afterburning of oxidizer-rich gas

Propellant                                                          liquid oxygen + kerosene

Engine modifications

Thrust, sea level / vacuum, tf
196 / 212,6
Specific impulse, sea level / vacuum, sec
311,2 / 337,5
Combustion chamber pressure, kgf/cm2
Weight, dry, kg  
Overall dimensions, height / diameter, mm
3780 / 2100
Period of development
1999 - 2011


120 fire stand tests of engine with total running time 26892,4 sec have conducted (at June, 2011), including 3 successful fire tests of RD-191 in composition of URM-1 first stage of Angara LV at NITz RKP (Peresvet, Moscow area) at Summer-Autumn, 2009.


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