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25 Aug 2009
First launch of KSLV-1 is conducted

August 25, 2009 first launch of South Korean LV KSLV-1 was conducted from Naro national space center. First South Korean KSLV-1 (First Korean Space Launch Vehicle) LV was created together Russian and South Korean specialists. Khrunitchev center responsible for complex development and NPO Energomash responsible for development and production of engine of first stage have participated in this project from Russian side. Engine of first stage has confirmed its performances said Dmitry Pakhomov, general director of NPO Energomash. KSLV-1 has opportunity to launch payload up to 100 kg for low elliptic orbit with 300 km in perigee and 1500 kg in apogee. Press-center of NPO Energomash.


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