09 Jul 2014

On July 9, 2014 at 12:00 UTC (16:00 Moscow time) the test launch of the latest Angara-1.2ПП rocket of a light class from Plesetsk Launch Site was carried out by tactic calculations of Military Space Defense Services of the Russian Federation. The first launch of light class "Angara" was initially planned for June 25, but because of additional checks was postponed for June 27. However, on June 28 the automatic system 19 seconds prior to start-up cancelled it.

As it was reported on NPO Energomash site, the cancellation happened because of pressure drop in the helium bottle of pressurization of an oxidizer damper which is not on the level of the engine of the first stage.

The RD-191 D012 engine installed within "Angara 1.2PP", passed control and technological tests at the fire test bench of NPO Energomash without comments. Defects were in due time removed at Plesetsk Launch Site without sending the rocket to the manufacturer.

Launch of "Angara-1.2PP" (the First launch) is carried out on July 9 by tactic calculations of aerospace defense in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and Roskosmos. Dropping of the first stage and head fairing is expected in the southern part of the Pechora Sea. The second stage with the model of the payload landed on the range "Kura" in Kamchatka approximately in 20 minutes.

The first start of "Angara" confirmed the completion of the task of special state importance. Entrance of "Angara" into operation will allow Russia, without polluting the Earth atmosphere, to put into orbit satellites of all types from its territory, assuring independent guaranteed access to the space for our country.

Successful launch was conducted by the RD 191engine of the first stage of NPO Energomash development.


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